In-Home Consultation

Private consultation at the comfort of your home

We understand it can be quite uncomfortable and awkward to visit a wig shop.

At FREEDOM, we deliver our personalized service with discretion, privacy, and attention to details. We provide private consultation at the comfort of your home.

At the first private meeting with you, we will listen to your needs and guide you in the designing of your hairpiece. At this appointment or at a later date that is convenient for you, a plaster cast will be taken of your scalp. We will then make a mould to duplicate your head shape, ensuring the hair prosthesis will be exactly the correct size and shape for you.

A clear plastic fitting cap and a sample of the hair you've selected will be checked at a second appointment before manufacture begins.

Upon arrival, the prosthesis is ready for cutting and styling, just like normal hair. Depending on your preference, we can arrange a stylist to cut your hair at your home. Styling is not included in the price (unless during the promotion period).

A note from Tess: “I encourage you to try styling your hair at a salon. It is going to be a wonderful experience, I assure you."

Your mould will be safely stored for future use. For subsequent orders, all you need to do is to give us a call to let us know your specification.

Remoulding is usually only necessary for growing children or adults who have experienced substantial weight changes.