Freedom Hair Asia is established after its founder, Tess Lim, finally found the hairpiece that truly gives her the freedom to be herself again.


Tess has been stricken with the medical condition of Alopecia Universalis since the age of 14. That was more than 30 years ago. As there is currently no known cause and cure for this auto-immune disease, she has to rely on hairpieces to beautify her image for her career. She is a much sought-after financial consultant, speaker and trainer. In her daily life, she has to meet with many people and image is definitely an important issue she has to constantly address.

She is always on a look out for a solution to her hair loss problem and has tried many wigs and hairpieces from different suppliers. However, she never gets a good answer to what she has been looking for until she found this permeable customised vacuum-fit hairpiece that is comfortable, secure and fit her head to a 'T'. Since then, she has never turned back to all her previous suppliers.

Realising that many fellow alopecians in Asia, are still going through the same process she had gone through, in search for that perfect hairpiece, she decides to share her findings and give support and advice to people who are experiencing hair loss just like her.

Establishing Freedom Hair Asia (FREEDOM) is the first major step to addressing the many problems and issues alopecians faced in their daily life. FREEDOM strives to build the self-esteem and confidence that alopecians usually lost; to bring back the REAL person in them to live life the way they would like to live, if not because of the occurrence of alopecia; to enjoy the many activities they once enjoyed but couldn't do so because of alopecia.

It is with great enthusiasm to establish ourselves as the one-stop center in addressing the alopecia issues in Asia, that we seek the support and feedback from fellow alopecians to help us achieve this goal. If you have any good suggestion or feedback concerning this website or any issue related to alopecia, do drop us a note at feedback@freedomhairasia.com. We assure you that your message will be attended to promptly.