Hair loss is one of the most painful experiences that can happen to anyone. It is more so for people like me who lost all our hair. I am completely bald since age 14, suffering from Alopecia Areata Universalis. Fortunately, I have found the solution that brings back my confidence and self-esteem. I want to share it with all fellow Alopecians who are still searching for that perfect solution……..



Tess the lass

Lost her tress

Full of angst

And filled with stress

She withstood the test

And found back her zest

Now she can

Just flaunt her best


    ...."Against All Odds" a MediaCorp Production


My Story


What our clients and Freedom wig wearers say …

“It is very comfortable and easy to maintain… I am loving it!!” 

Social Worker, early 20’s

“I have just attended my first Salsa dance class…nobody is the wiser, Thank you so very much :-)“

Dance Enthusiast

“I can finally face the wind head-on!!” 

Student, 15 years old

“(The vacuum wig) allows me to move freely without worries… no more fear of strong wind and rain. Thank you very much Tess…I really appreciate your help and nice to know you…and should know you earlier.”

MT, 30’s

“I feel more confident now and I am not afraid to meet people with eye contact. What I wanted to say again is that (I am delighted) I found you and big “THANK YOU”.”

Housewife, 40’s

All my friends and colleagues who know of my condition were shocked! They couldn’t believe it is a wig. They said my ‘hair’ is very beautiful.”

Administrator, late 30’s